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Automated working

Ceropa A/S dispose of a fully equipped finishing division, which consists of 1 Okuma, 2 Haas and 6 Brother working stations.

Our CNC-operated working stations ensures precision and tool optimization, which gives a uniform result.

Our vibration grinding machine delivers a nice uniform surface on each piece, which is also the requisite for a subsequent successful surface treatment.

Professional quality control

Our trademark is quality in the european standard.

We are certified after ISO 9001:2008 and have an open quality policy.

We buy standard alloys and inspect the raw materials in our initial inspection.

Our experienced employees ensure an ongoing visual supervision on all levels of the production, and potential departures are reported immediately, so action can be taken to rectify this.

During the finishing we measure the pieces once an hour on our 3D CNC-operated measuring machine. This guarantees a very small tolerance for error and continuous documentation.

In the event of departures due to worn down moulds, we make sure that the necessary reparation is done. Naturally, this is done after consulting with the customer.