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Ceropa A/S

Know how and experience

Ceropa A/S has many years of experience within construction and choice of alloy amongst others. Our specialty is complex workpieces in pressure-tight goods, large workpieces with a thin material thickness or workpieces which require an aesthetically beautiful surface.

Characteristic for die casting is, that the tools are somewhat expensive, but the casting of the individual pieces is cheap. At about 2.000-3.000 pieces it is profitable to choose die casting above other forms of casting.

We cooperate with select toolmakers, who custom make the die casts after a creative development process in close cooperation with us and the customer. With optimal shape and design we are able to reduce the costs for our customers and deliver workpieces as heavy as 10 kilograms with high detail in large and medium series.

The quality is guaranteed using advanced technology along with our responsible employees. The repetition accuracy from piece to piece is within a few a few hundredth of a millimeter, as we are using pre-shaped frames.

Our strengths are counseling and precision.

Strategic business partner

The vision for Ceropa A/S is to base the business on strategic partnerships with serious customers domestic as well as foreign. We prioritize long-term deals and wide portfolios, because an in-depth knowledge of a customers line of products and specific demands for workpieces, eases the communication process and enhances quality.

We are looking for an open and close dialogue with our customers, enabling us to create growth and development together over time.

We want to be known for dynamic, creativity and innovation. We have specialized in solving complex jobs within die casting, and we invest continuously in training and technological development.

To us, quality is a keyword, service a matter of course and delivery on promises, a core value.

“The Granly Way” forms the foundation for success in the Granly Group

Ceropa is part of the Granly Group, which is made up of a family of highly specialized companies which all originated from GRANLY smede- og Maskinfabrik (The Granly forge and engineering works). Each company in the group has its own specialized skills and fields of operation, and consequently we can handle many different types of work in offshore and onshore sectors such as wind turbine industry, oil- and gas, subcontracting, shipbuilding and -repairs, construction, agriculture and heavy industry. We have over 500 experienced and reliable employees who will do their utmost to help you.

Delivery time

Ceropa A/S normally delivers ex factory, but we are of course also happy to take care of the logistics.

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At Ceropa A/S, we work on the optimal idea for the subject and form. We keep track of the process.

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We have continuously implemented improvements to ensure the environment and our employees as best as possible.

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