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The customer supplies the draft – Ceropa delivers the overall solution

Any new assignment at Ceropa A/S almost always starts with you, the customer, bringing us an idea, outlined on a sketch or a draft.

We set up a meeting where we ask about your goals, and specifications for the final product.

At Ceropa A/S we work at on the optimal idea for the piece and mould, and in this process we bring in the toolmaker. We keep an eye on the process, and when all partners agree on the mould, method and schedule, the toolmaker begins producing the mould.

When the mould is ready, we produce a series of outturn samples, and pending the customers approval, we are ready to begin mass production.

Experienced advice makes the difference

We are one of the countryʼs oldest pressure foundries, and our experience, know-how and creativity is offered to all of our customers. We are able to advise you throughout the entire process, including choice of materials, workpiece modeling, surface treatment and the optimal layout of tools.

Do you have an idea, which is complex and demanding to solve, we are the obvious choice.

Our team of experienced and creative employees, are ready to be challenged. We approach each assignment, responsible and highly motivated, to finding a cost effective solution, which still ensures the desired functionality and a high quality in the final product.

We advise both in single assignments and entire product lines. It is our goal to enter into a longer partnership, which gives the customer the best possible security and value. The better we know a company and its products, the better advice we are able to give.

If you are interested in a more thorough orientation about the counseling process, you are always welcome to set up an informal meeting here.